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About Konoba Levrnaka

The house is built in the traditional style as it once was. Coated walls with stones from Kornati island to better fits the surrounding landscape of the bay and Kornati. At the beginning it was a fishing house like all others at Kornati, but with tourism development its function was modified into a gastro house. The restaurant is owned by family Ježina from Murter. Family Ježina started business back in 1994.

Capacity of the restaurant is growing continuously so today Konoba Levrnaka has 100 seats and the two floating pontoons which can accommodate cca 20 ships, with the electricity and water connections. Max lenght of the ship is 100 ft.

Since the restaurant Konoba Levrnaka is in the heart of the Kornati National Park it offers fish and seafood delicacies and Kornati lamb prepared on traditional way.

Konoba Levrnaka opens its doors from 15.04 until 15.10.

To be sure please give us a call...

Reservation & information: +385 91 43 53 777